Grow in less time with LinkedIn post Scheduler

You are so busy in business & running lack of time to post on your LinkedIn page, just plan your social media Strategies with Postdud LinkedIn Post Scheduler to grow business with ease. You can easily plan and not only scheduled posts on linkedin social networks, but also can track performance without spending precious time.

LinkedIn post scheduler

It is designed to help businesses use LinkedIn more effectively, this tool automates posting. It can also help you engage with an audience and monitor the competition. Are you ready to drive more leads and engagement with businesses on LinkedIn, you can Do it with ease & spend less time posting to LinkedIn and more time growing your business. Try LinkedIn post Scheduler Now!

scheduling posts on LinkedIn in minutes

Scheduling posts on LinkedIn in Minutes!

Postdud is one-stop Social Media Management Platform to Schedule post on LinkedIn. The tool automates the process of scheduling content across various social media accounts. Just quickly set time for your post to be published and let the Postdud LinkedIn post Scheduler do the publishing work for you. You enter all your LinkedIn posts and visuals in one social media publishing calendar, scheduled in advance and it gets posted automatically to multiple social media. Using Postdud, you keep adding LinkedIn posts to your LinkedIn groups stack and it will keep sending it out at the scheduled time. You can define time-slot for a LinkedIn post, and it will be sent in a particular time slot in required LinkedIn groups. To learn more about how to create groups on LinkedIn click here.

Set Up Your Updating Schedule

Postdud makes scheduling posts on LinkedIn hassle-free & allow time customization. In your account settings, you can create one or more LinkedIn Posting patterns for different days of the week. Set up Your Updating Schedule by choosing the best date or day & time to post. This way you can have lots of updates Monday through Friday.

set up your updating schedule
best time to post on LinkedIn with postdud analytics

Best time to Post on LinkedIn with Postdud Analytics

Postdud LinkedIn posts scheduler helps you by its analytics to suggest the best time to post on LinkedIn Pages so that your post doesn’t go to waste after their initial publishing. It automatically recommends the best time to post on LinkedIn. Postdud bases these suggestions on when your audience is most active on the relevant platform. It keeps a queue of content and schedules your posts to go out at the optimal times for your audience. You can set these times yourself if you prefer, however. Postdud gives you the option to set your best times manually as well. Let’s see below what is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

When you should be posting on LinkedIn?

Most people check LinkedIn in normal working hour’s i.e. 9 am to 5 pm. It’s going to be different geographically as one may be in PST zone & other EST zone. So figure out where your followers are from & just post their nine to a five-time range or just one, two or three hours before, so when they log into LinkedIn, your post is one of the first things that they see in LinkedIn groups. With Postdud LinkedIn Post Scheduler you can do it in minutes. One additional secrete tip to drive traffic is to post one of the paragraphs of your blog post & then put a ‘click to continue reading’ link. By doing that, you are going to get 5X to 10X traffic from LinkedIn.

when you should be posting on LinkedIn
why should be your businesses on LinkedIn

Why should be your businesses on LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn Marketing solutions are an important part of your overall marketing plan? If not, it should be. Creating a business or LinkedIn Company Page is easy. Check below the importance of your businesses on LinkedIn -

1. To target top decision-makers, LinkedIn is the best channel for B2B brands.

2. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a top grosser for organic marketing

3. LinkedIn Advertising is more cost-effective than other channels

4. According to 83% of B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the most effective channel for lead generation


  • 1. Log in/Sign in to your account with Postdud.
  • 2. Click Accounts in the top bar
  • 3. Tap LinkedIn and then press Connect Your LinkedIn Account

If you have already logged in to the LinkedIn account on, then you just need to allow Postdud to use your account. If you are not logged in to a account, you will need to enter your login information.

To begin, press the 'Compose' button at the top right corner. This is going to open up the composer, in which you can design your post. Next, select your LinkedIn account to post by clicking on the icons at the top of the Compose screen.

Once you have designed your post and choose LinkedIn account. You can choose any of the Publish choices that are:

Post Now- This will upload your post in almost real time on your LinkedIn account.

Custom Time Post- By selecting this, you will be able to choose a custom date and time for the post to be shared in the future. Such posts will be added to the Publish list and will not be influenced by anything else going on in the list.

Post at right time- Selecting this option will ensure that your post is scheduled at right time for LinkedIn account. We'll find out the right time to post by reviewing the content you've previously posted to determine when your posts get the most interaction. We also evaluate the time when your followers are most involved online and the factor that allows the right time estimate to make sure your post gets the highest engagement.

  • 1. Log in Postdud
  • 2. Tap the Schedule on the top bar
  • 3. From the drop-down on the top left, pick LinkedIn.
  • 4. Scroll to the post that you want to make changes to and press Edit
  • 5. Make changes you want and re-schedule them at the same time or at the time as you have selected as custom time.