Pinning Pinterest has become super easy with Postdud’s Pinterest Scheduling Tool

Give more access to your boards and save your pinning Pinterest time by scheduling pins with the Postdud’s Pinterest Scheduling Tool. Drive traffic, increase engagement & followers by scheduling your pin Pinterest.

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Automate your Social Media activity with Postdud’s Pin Scheduler to allow you to spend a bit more time on high-value activities such as engagement. Scheduling Pins in bulk saves time and broadens your reach by posting to the right time for maximum impact. Try Pinterest post Scheduler Now!

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What is Pinterest? How to get more followers on Pinterest?

In order to get better results from Pinterest, you need to pin Pinterest a few times a day. On average a user pin Pinterest 28 times a day. These users or Pinterest marketers are focused on building up their presence on Pinterest. If you want to perform at the same level you need to pin at a higher pace, otherwise your pins will be lost among the hundreds and thousands of pins of other users. With more than 100 million active monthly users, Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the most successful social media networks out there; helping to push thousands of companies to more traffic, increased sales and newly created leads. Marketing automation tools from Postdud will take your Pinterest to a whole new stage. But, how to get more followers on Pinterest? Don’t’ worry, you can quickly double your Pinterest followers with zero effort using the Postdud; with the best automated social media marketing and content curation tools available on the here.

Schedule your content easily and efficiently

Maintaining a number of different social media is a time-consuming activity, but it is also a necessary evil. Most companies have no choice but to appeal to all channels in order to attract the largest potential audience, this is a work in itself. The Postdud auto-scheduler will recommend the best time of day to post either based on your historical post data or use your own preferences.

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Use the Pinterest Auto-Posting Boards

You can link as many Pinterest boards as you need to your profile to all of them concurrently from a content calendar with time slots. By doing this, you can easily market your brand or product on Pinterest. Marketing in Pinterest is essential for every business and by using auto-posting boards you can easily widen your horizons.

Confirm the content calendar for your pinning schedule

The content calendar of the Postdud shows your scheduled pins. You can modify or make the necessary adjustments to your pins as per your planned content strategy. Scheduling your content calendar can help determine the right post for the right time. You can plan and schedule to best results.

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