Social Media Management Tool You’ll Ever Want

Postdud brings you a smart omnichannel marketing platform that brings you creative intelligence and autonomous capabilities that will optimize your day-to-day social media management easy. Postdud is a tool that brings you capabilities to schedule posts, get detailed reports and allow you to peek into insights like keywords research or hashtag research, etc. If you are using social media in marketing your brand, you need a complete social media manager tool that brings you virtually everything in social media management to promote your brand.

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Thousands of People Are Using Postdud as Their Primary Social Media Manager Tool

Posting on social media gets easy with Postdud but not only that but getting periodical reports along with scheduling support for every post on different social media platforms is possible with Postdud. From freelancers to large agencies, teams of all sizes, Postdud works for everyone. We have attractive plans for every one of you. Whether you are a startup or a modern enterprise company, check out our features which will work magic for you. It's that easy.

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Any Region, Any Time Zone, Get Everything on Your Social Media Strategy Map

We know you have clients across the map. Are you spending time with a long Queue? Just pop in your content and set time to schedule your posts allowing you time to focus on creating the best social media strategy for your clients. Go global while your social media posting is being taken care of. Your Facebook page, Instagram business profile, a LinkedIn company page, or Twitter Account all are sorted here. Check out why marketing with social media is easy with Postdud.

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Track Everything You Need with Social Media Manager Tool

We know why social media marketing is important and what social media marketing is all about. But tracking your ROI after you implement your beautiful social media strategy. Make sure you provide the best ROI for your clients. Get detailed reports with Postdud. Insightful social media reports tell you where you are lacking and where your loopholes are. Get analytics for your posts, stories, and ads too. Postdud also offers you demographic reporting and more.

Save time and stop guessing about the results. Speed up with your data collection and scale up your ROI without any mess.

Social Media Management by Network


Calculate Facebook page impressions, fan-base, and organic content performance while social media posting. Know how the industry average is working for you and directly compare your competitors' data with your own brand.


Observe total post stats by Twitter account as well as top-performing organic and paid Tweets. Prepare and analyze campaigns using extensive keyword, trend, and hashtag reports.


Track Instagram Posts and Stories influence and guide content. Rhythm with your follower growth, engagement, hashtag trends, conversions, and paid content performance.


Investigate your audience demographics, growth, engagement, and impressions in detail across LinkedIn Company profiles. Analyze paid versus organic reviews to inform advertising spend.

So, stop wasting more money when you are getting some awesome features absolutely free and additional support at an affordable cost